Roll Profiling
Roll profiling collects accurate data to create two and three dimensional maps of your Yankee dryer surface.

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Roll Profiling

JLM Advanced Technical Services, Inc. uses on-the-run (OTR) roll profiling to measure the actual crown of your Yankee while your machine makes paper by collecting position data at a rate of 60,000 readings per second from the surface of the cylinder. This data is used to create two and three dimensional maps of your Yankee dryer surface, which can easily be compared to the most recent grind profile or the optimum theoretical crown.

Benefits of roll profiling include:

  • No need to shut down or stop operations after initial bracketing is complete
  • Profiles display the actual operating condition of the Yankee
  • Indicates major profile and detailed edge views.
  • Determines the appropriate timing for your next grind or polish.
  • Determines if the current crown can be optimized.
  • Takes approximately 4 – 5 hours to complete
  • Can be performed in either a sheet on or off condition.
  • Can be viewed and analyzed within one hour of measurements.
  • Final OTR report extracts the Yankee deflection created by the pressure roll(s).
  • The OTR data, when combined with machine operating conditions, can show Yankee surface variations independent of changes in condensing load, hood temperature and steam pressure.
  • Contact surface temperatures are taken in areas of concern to differentiate thermal conditions from actual surface deformations.
  • Profiles are overlaid with your last grind profile for quick reference.

We also offer laser profiling to measure the actual crown, run-out and roll surface condition. Contact us for more information.