FEA accurately assesses the designs prior to manufacturing.

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Testing identifies & addresses a variety of performance issues.

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Testing & Analysis

JLM Advanced Technical Services, Inc. offers a broad range of traditional and advanced technological inspection and analysis. We provide your machine or component with an accurate condition assessment to achieve optimal running conditions.

Our Testing & Analysis Services include:

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT) – AE, MT, PT, RT, UT, VT
  • Remote Automated Scanning for Velocity and Thickness Measurements
  • Yankee & Steam Heated Dryer Testing
    • Guide Audits to unique tappi inspection standards
    • Ultrasonic Advanced Scan, MT Exam, Internal and Visual Inspections and Dyer Calculations
  • Complete Roll Inspection Services:
    • Roll Profiling – On-the-Run (OTR) and Laser Profiles
    • Suction Roll Examinations
      • Advanced Video Examination
      • MT Exam
      • PT Exam
      • Borescopic Exam
    • Roll cover inspections – ultrasonic (cover audits)
      • Monitor material and bonding properties while in service
      • Identify bonding irregularities, material discrepancies, de-lamination and de-bonding
    • In-ground radar of concrete and granite rolls
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Analysis and Correction
      • Crowning errors
      • Incorrect settings
      • Misalignments
      • Irregular loads
      • Machine performance optimization
    • Final Analysis:

Contact us to help you identify and address any performance issues.