Proper alignment allows machines to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Alignment Services Group

Poor alignment causes wear and can result in premature system failing. The Alignment Services Group, a division of JLM Advanced Technical Services, a Triosim Company, utilizes advanced technology to evaluate your systems to diagnose and align your equipment. Expert alignment is available to all Triosim divisions and clients nationwide. No matter the industry or location, the Alignment Services Group meets customer needs.

Laser Alignment:

The Alignment Services Group offers precision process alignment services. Our specialty is solving operational problems relating to process misalignment. Through in-depth analysis, we are able to identify issues, make recommendations, and provide solutions to achieve proper alignment. Using the most advanced laser alignment systems, we provide process alignment and roll position measurement services that are second to none.

Process alignment is the foundation of process control, proper alignment is critical to achieve optimal quality and productivity. Many root-cause analysis’ indicate misalignment as the primary culprit for many process issues.

We provide:
  • Patented data collection and analysis procedures
  • Strip tracking analysis for web based processes
  • Machine tool analysis and process capability analysis
  • Sophisticated electronic data reporting and analysis

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3D Modeling
We use the latest technology to ensure proper alignment is achieved.

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Optical Alignment:

The Alignment Services Group surpasses industry standards by using advanced laser based and optical alignment methods for customers in a variety of industries. We combine our experience with the latest laser based alignment technology to reach the highest precision levels possible. We provide our customers with the equipment and expertise to offer a combination of laser and optical alignment, 3D metrology and mechanical services. Our high quality, responsive service is why multiple industries trust us for precision alignment services.

We provide:
  • Precision Alignment Inspections
  • Operational and Troubleshooting Diagnostics
  • Re-Alignment Analysis
  • Alignment Support During Machine Rebuilds and Installations
  • Permanent Alignment References
  • Alignment Maintenance Programs

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Specialty Alignment
Proper equipment alignment significantly improves performance.

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Specialty Alignment:

The Alignment Services Group offers our customers flexibility, and personal service required to support the primary metals, paper, plastics and manufacturing industries. If you have equipment – we can work on it. With more than 65 years experience, we are able to solve complex process problems. We provide more than just measurement data.

Specialty sectors we serve include:
  • Cranes
  • Presses
  • Motor & Gearbox Alignment
  • M-G Sets
  • Machine Tools
  • Gas Production
  • Power Generation
  • Marine

Contact us to find out how we can use the latest alignment technology to help you identify process problems, and provide you with solutions.

CAD Reports
We use the latest CAD technology to address alignment issues.

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The Alignment Services Group began as AIM Laser in 1996 providing laser based machine alignment services to various industries. In 2014, AIM Laser became an affiliate of Triosim, a network of companies with broad knowledge and expertise in pulp, paper, steel and many other industries. Through the Triosim network, AIM Laser joined forces with L&M Alignment. The partnership between AIM Laser and L&M Alignment provided the ability to provide comprehensive laser and optical alignment services to customers across the United States. In 2017, AIM Laser and L&M Alignment became part of Triosim’s JLM Advanced Technical Services division.

Headquartered in Appleton Wisconsin, Triosim is a diverse nationwide network of companies with broad knowledge and expertise in pulp, paper and other industries. The Triosim network continues to grow – adding services and equipment to continue to serve our many customers no matter their location. Through our network of qualified professionals, our customers have access to many additional resources, and extensive experience nationwide. By bringing together various companies with different skillsets, we offer a comprehensive approach, eliminating the need to bring in multiple companies to provide various services.